Pay attention to something, you will study hard

Recently, when I attention the training, if the content I didn’t like, I feel I want to sleep, but if the content I like, I will pay more attention to the training. So if you want to study hard, you should pay attention to the content.

I should have a plan improve photography

Last Sunday, we came to the Zoo in Caracas, I take some picture, but no one I feel good, all of the picture I don’t like, I was so bad, I should read more book and practice.

If you are very angry with something

If you are very angry with something, and want to fight with some guy, please do this more than one day, maybe tomorrow you will change your mind.

Something will change

After the last vacation, my working had a big change, maybe next month, my working will change again, each time was change to new working, I’m not sure in future how much working will be change.

chang and accept

if you can’t change the things, you only can accept it

Thinking a little more

today i made a mistake, one interview forgot to ask another, all of the guy thinking the guy was good, but the foegot guy don’t like the guy. in future, do everything should thinking a little more.

A data card for cell phone

Today I buy a new card, only for data, and I config the whole morning, final, I can use the cell phone visit the internet, so in future, when I want to visit the internet, I can do.

Fail make me happy

Tonight, I played the ping pong with another colleague, in the before, I always win, but today, he win more than me, he feel very happy, for me is also happy, so sometimes we should study how to “fail”.

A new start

I find a good way to study something, I will pay my best to study it.

I want to study a lot of things, but when I studied, I always forgot going on.